February 26 – March 1 is Coyote Fun Week! All staff and students are invited to join in to celebrate these fun days.

  • Monday, Feb.26 ~ Tropical Day:  Wish it was summer?  Dress in your tropical best!
  • Tuesday, Feb.27 ~ Career Day: Actor, Singer, Mechanic, Teacher? Dress up as what you wish to be when you grow up!
  • Wednesday, Feb. 28 ~ Pink Shirt Day: Let’s spread kindness like confetti!
  • Thursday, Feb.29 ~ Jersey Day: Wear your favorite jersey or sports wear.
  • Friday, Mar.1 ~ P.J. Day: A student favorite!  You can even bring a stuffy to school.

Special Activities this week:

  • Morning Bingo hosted by our student council reps.
  • Each class will post student art and students will get to enjoy the β€œGNMES Art Gallery.”
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